Training Programmes

Ayurvedic Health Coach Certificate Programme

The Ayurvedic Health Coach Certificate Programme’s objective is to enable and empower Medical Professionals as well as Allied & Alternative Health Practitioners, to provide their patients with personalised nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice, along with their regular routine practice and curative interventions. The necessary knowledge and guidance will be provided to adopt the natural approach of Ayurveda, for participants to incorporate it into their daily lifestyle as well as their practice to create optimal health for their patients/clients.


Collaborating with a reputed University such as Parul University and its Faculty of Ayurveda, ensure a highest academic quality of the programme.

KKSAI’s panel of reputed and renowned Ayurvedic Academicians and Physicians together with the Ayurveda Faculty from Parul University, Gujarat, have put together a very comprehensive and application-based Ayurvedic Health Coach Certificate Programme which will focus on preventive, mind-body healthcare, and will be a hybrid programme with 120-hours of online sessions in Part 1 and Practicals and Tutorials in Part 2, for 50hours. The following are the core and elective modules:
Foundation/Sanskrit terminology Module (optional)

PART 1: BASICS (core modules) 120 hours @ USD 2000

  • Q&A Live online sessions with expert Ayurvedic Drs & Western Medical Drs who have integrated Ayurveda into their medical practice;
  • Shadow Consultations: watching real consultations at PU or AVP with debriefing;
  • Practicals: 45 hours which includes, assignments, recipes, assessments;
    Objective: Apply an integrated approach to the treatment of patients
  • Constitutional Assessment (core)
  • Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition (core)
  • Ayurvedic Daily Routine: Principles of biological rhythms and their effects on health (core)
  • Finding balance within one’s body (core)
  • Group Discussions & Tutorials (core)

PART 2: Specialisation Tracks (Practicals & Tutorials) 50 hours @ USD 1500

  • Q&A Live online sessions on specific topics (ex. Marma chikitsa for Physiotherapists etc) Training / shadowing attachments at PU/ AVP
  • Guest lectures & Q&A Sessions with Ayurvedic Experts on specific topics such as Ayurvedic approach and managements of GI disorders, Cardiac diseases, Respiratory disorders, Gynaecological disorders and more.
  • Optional: 2-3 days attachment with an Ayurvedic Doctor in an ayurvedic centre/hospital (accommodation cost and living expenses to be borne by student)
    Objective: Apply an integrated approach to the treatment of patients

PART 1: Medical Drs & Dentists; Nurses, Alternative Health Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Yoga Teachers, Alternative Therapists, non-BAMS Ayurvedic Practitioners who want a deeper understanding of the science.
PART 2: Medical Drs & Dentists Only

What do you get from the programme? Modern or Allopathic medical practitioners, will be able to provide integrative healthcare, advocate the use of evidence-informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches combined with their prescribed medicines to provide an integrative approach. Integrative healthcare includes anything from lifestyle, yoga, ayurvedic massage, ayurvedic or herbal medicines (prescribed only by a certified Ayurvedic Physician) diet and nutrition and others, tailored to the needs of the individual.